by Eva Kis, June 19, 2018

NYC’s foremost pizza expert Scott Weiner and International Pizza Expo organizer Peter Lachapelle will throw a real New York Pizza Festival this fall.

Whether it’s the $1 slices that keep us upright during a Lower East Side bar crawl, the deliciously puffy Detroit-style squares at Emily or the Marta’s thin-crust Roman pies, New Yorkers love every kind of pizza. So people were never going to give up on the idea of a New York Pizza Festival — and it looks like the right organizers are making it happen this time.

The new, official, for-real-this-time New York Pizza Festival promises to bring together all five boroughs of pies on Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 6-7, at a location “in the Little Italy of the Bronx.” What’s on the menu? Some of the biggest names on the city’s pizza scene, but also top pizzerias from Connecticut and Chicago to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and even a handful from Naples, Italy. Think of this as the pizza version of the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party.

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