Carmine D'Amato
Henderson, NV
Clara & Michela Cavalli
Brick & Wood
Fairfield, CT
Domenico De Marco & Margaret Mieles
Di Fara Pizza
New York, NY
Francesco Perna
Levante Long Island City
Queens, NY
Frank Piniello
Best Pizza
Williamsburg, NY
Gino Sorbillo
New York, NY
Giorgia Caporuscio
Don Antonio, NY
Born and raised in Terracina, Italy, she learned the art of Neapolitan pizza making under the expertise of her father.
Giulio Adriani
The Local Pizzaiolo
Atlanta, GA
Il Pizzaiolo
Mt. Lebanon, PA
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
John Arena & Chris Decker
Metro Pizza
Las Vegas, NV
Justin Bazdarich
Speedy Romeo, Brooklyn, NY
In three years, he grew from intern to sous chef and then worked as opening chef de cuisine at Perry Street
Mark Dym
Marco's Coal Fired, Denver, CO
This is the best job I've ever had. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love what I do,
Max Crespo
Neapolitan Express, New York NY
In 2006, Crespo founded New York Cityโ€™s first mobile pizzeria to serve New York style pizza.
Michael Ayoub
New York, NY
Nick Nitti
Forno Rosso
Chicago, IL
Nino Coniglio
Brooklin Pizza Crew, Brooklyn, NY
Champion and Pizza Maker of the year at the Las Vegas Pizza Expo.
Peyton Smith
Mission Pizza Napoletana,Winston-Salem, NC
I conceived what would become Mission Pizza Napoletana in 2007
Roberto Caporuscio
Keste, New York, NY
My customers are my inspiration
Roberto Paciullo
Zero Otto Nove
Bronx, NY
Salvatore Natale
Pugsley Pizza
Bronx, NY
Pizzeria Testa
A Taste of Tradition
Dallas, TX
Vincent Rotolo
Good Pie, Las Vegas, NV
For Vincent Rotolo, pizza is in his blood.