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About: “Our mission. To become the best neighborhood pizzeria by elevating everything we do from good to great.”

Master Pizza captured the award as one of the best “Top 5 Pizzerias in the World” at the International Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas in March 2013. Master Pizza’s “Popeye” Pizza, (fresh spinach, fresh sliced tomatoes and artichoke hearts on a white garlic butter sauce), clinched the award in the Non-Traditional category competing against 65 of the top pizza shops from across the globe.  Including pizza makers from Italy, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Europe, Japan, and Australia just to
name a few. Master Pizza continues to build on its award-winning tradition. Master Pizza received a “Top 10 Pizzeria” in the World award in 2012 at the same competition in the Traditional Category. Master Pizza secured the award with its “Pepperoni Passion” pizza (double pepperoni on traditional red tomato sauce). Awards just go to prove why Master Pizza is the “pizza pilgrimage” destination for pizza-hungry locals and for visitors to Cleveland from all over the world.

It’s no mystery why pizza lovers across the globe flock to Master Pizza when they’re in town. In February 2013, Master Pizza’s mouth-watering “3 Little Pigs” Pizza… (hickory smoked ham, Maplewood bacon and homemade Italian sausage)… took 2nd in the “Best Pizza in America” competition. This time Master Pizza competed against the top 75 pizzerias from across the nation in the NAPICS Pizza Pizzazz competition. Again, this was just another Master Pizza repeat performance. Master Pizza had taken 11th place in this same competition in 2011 with their “Popeye” pizza.

Master Pizza was founded in 1955 in Mayfield Heights and grew to become one of Cleveland’s original pizza franchises. Reaching its pinnacle in the mid 1970’s, Master Pizza had 38 locations serving pizza-loving generations from across the greater Cleveland area. By the mid 1980’s the original 5 owners ended the franchise and Master Pizza split into two companies, Master Pizza and Pizza Bazar.

As time went on Pizza Bazar went defunct and Master Pizza fizzled to just a handful of locations. By the late 1990‘s only the original Mayfield Heights location remained opened.

Since 1955, Master Pizza in Mayfield Heights has remained a constant in the ever-changing Cleveland pizza market. Since opening its’ doors 58 years ago Master Pizza has served only the same award-winning delicious pizza, using the best quality Italian, California and local ingredients, including the freshest hand-cut vegetables.

Master Pizza’s tomato sauce is the highest quality. Made from only grade-A tomatoes picked and packed fresh in season and shipped from Modesto California. Only the best-tasting cheese is used on every pizza served. Master Pizza uses 100% provolone cheese exclusively.  Provolone is a high end cheese that is highly regarded as the best money can buy for pizzas. Our cheese is not smoked, “top-shelf” provolone cheese that is special-handled in small batches to improve the taste, performance, and characteristics of a provolone.

Master Pizza prides itself on this rich tradition of mouth-water pizza and superior service. At Master Pizza pleasing the customer comes first. Master Pizza is motivated by the quality and taste of the product it serves. Master Pizza makes a commitment to our customers to never “cost-cut” quality.

Come to Master Pizza and we’ll make you the freshest, best-tasting, highest quality pizza you’ll ever eat… every time you walk through our door. And we promise once you eat our pizza; you’ll never go anywhere else. Master Pizza… an international award winning “pizza treasure”… right here in Cleveland.

Oh, and don’t forget, the same amazing Master Pizza can be delivered too.

Master Pizza – Strongsville, OH