The ‘Za Report

Brooklyn (Park Slope)

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About: Miriam Weiskind, aka The Za Report, is an underground pizziola baking up a generous storm of pizza in NYC amidst the pandemic to help keep New Yorkers in need happy and full of pizza and a pizza educator living in Brooklyn, New York.

Originally from Ohio, she moved to NYC to pursue a career in graphic design. In 2011, she met Scott Weiner, of Scott’s Pizza Tours, where she would then lead pizza tours all around NYC until spring of 2020 when the pandemic struck. In early 2020, she decided to trade in a career as an Art Director to pursue pizza fulltime, starting out as a Pizzaiola at Paulie Gee’s then opening her own speakeasy pizzeria run from her home in Brooklyn, NY. Life is short, slice it up!

Baking small batch, hand-mixed round pies from her Breville and an insanely tasty Sicilian on her Baking Steel, her pies are something special you have to taste for yourself. For any New Yorker without a job, a first responder or anyone having a tough time, Weiskind gives out free pies—under the notion of paying pies forward to honor her mom who passed away in summer of 2020.

Weiskind has been featured in The New York Times, Thrillist, NPR, Munchies and is a proud new member of WIP.

The ‘Za Report