Williamsburg Pizza – Lower East Side

Nino Coniglio

URL: https://www.williamsburgpizza.com/

Menu: https://www.williamsburgpizza.com/new

Online Ordering: https://www.toasttab.com/williamsburgpizzales/v3/?mode=fulfillment

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/williamsburgpizza/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WilliamsburgPizza

About: Nino Coniglio has been making pizza in Brooklyn since he was 14 years old.

He is from NJ and moved to Gravesend Brooklyn in his early teens. He first learned about pizza watching his grandma Jospehina make it for him and his cousins. His first job was at his cousin Tommy where they ran Johnny’s Pizza on Ave U and west 8th. He has since worked for many notable NYC pizzerias like Numero 28, Cacio E Vino, Di Fara, and Moon Struck, among others.

Nino is the only pizza maker that has ever apprenticed with Dom DeMarco, founder of DiFara’s Pizzeria. Nino, with his partners, opened the first Williamsburg location in 2013, LES in 2014, Barclays in 2015 and now Brooklyn Pizza Crew in 2016. In this time Nino has won various pizza competitions, taking first place at the Caputo Cup, first place in Traditional Pizza category at the Las Vegas pizza Expo, Second place in the Pan Division of the Las Vegas Pizza Expo, and the largest prize of all, Nino was named Champion and Pizza Maker of the year beating all other division winners at the Las Vegas Pizza Expo.

Nino’s core philosophy revolves around three things: high quality ingredients, the order in which they are applied, and taking the time to master the true alchemy of dough making.

Williamsburg Pizza – Lower East Side