Zanti Cucina Italiana

Santiago Pelaez and Stefano Ferrero

Address: 10000 Research Forest Drive, The Woodlands, Texas 77354

Phone: 281-259-1300






Great food is only a part of an extraordinary Italian meal.

It is said that those who eat well, eat Italian—Chi mangia bene, mangia italiano—and not only because of molten mozzarella and salty olives and charred cherry tomatoes… ripe pear and delicate prosciutto and thick ribbons of fresh pappardelle… soft, crisp pizzas flecked with basil and Gorgonzola. Food is but a part of the pleasure of an Italian meal.

We believe that to truly eat well, you must not forget the importance of l’ambiente, la compagnia, and l’ingrediente—the setting, the company, and of course, the ingredients—all essential to the Italian experience.

Simple and unhurried, Zanti honors the Italian tradition of bringing together the best of each day, from the thoughtfully chosen ingredients to the families gathered in conversation to share their stories and their meal. It is a place to feel yourself among friends and to enjoy the gifts of time and food.

If this sounds a little sentimental, it probably should—this is how Zanti came to be. Zanti draws its name from one of the restaurant’s founders, Santiago Pelaez, whose affectionate nature and passion for pleasing others earned him the nickname “sentimental Santi” from his very large and teasing family. The joys of exploring food and cooking and caring for those around him are among his earliest memories. As he and his brothers grew their family’s hospitality business over the years, and across several countries, it seemed inevitable to everyone that Santiago would one day open a restaurant of his own.

That day has happily arrived. Together with his brothers and acclaimed Italian chef Stefano Ferrero from Piemonte, Italy, Santiago is delighted to welcome The Woodlands to Zanti, now open for lunch, dinner, and drinks each day of the week.

Zanti Cucina Italiana