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About: Ettore “Papa” Zavarella –The Inspiration Behind the Square Pizza

Ettore “Papa” Zavarella was born in Pratola Peligna, Italy in 1927. Ettore and his sister were infants when their mother suddenly passed away. Because their father was in the United States working, they were raised by their grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Ettore was handsome and dashing (with a great head of wavy black hair) and he caught the eye of many pretty Italian girls. But only one would capture his heart and compel him to cut off his curly locks to prove his love for her. Like his mother…. her name was also Maria.

Together Ettore and Maria ventured to The United States in search of the “Great American Dream”. With only a suitcase in hand and very little money, and not speaking a lick of English, they worked hard, saved every penny, and grew their family. They raised a son and daughter with love and kindness, who loved them back. To their children they were always Papa and Ma.

Times were tough in those days, and the family lacked many comforts that other families had, but Papa and Ma always made sure the family ate delicious Italian food. Every family meal was an adventure of flavor and goodness with traditional Italian dishes like sausage and meatballs, bread, and pizza…Square Pizza!

The years passed, and the family prospered. “Papa” and “Ma” grew old together. Their children grew up and started families of their own. Through all the years of happiness and tears the one thing that always brought them together was the dinner table. Oh how “Papa” and “Ma” enjoyed hosting dinner for family and friends. No matter how bad things seemed, you always felt better after a plate of delicious Italian food prepared by the Zavarella’s.

The legacy of “Papa” and “Ma” was simple and wholesome. “Work hard, love always, laugh loud, cry when you need to…and enjoy life with family and friends at the dinner table!” We decided to honor “Papa” Zavarella’s legacy by opening Zavarella’s Pizza in his name using his homemade recipe and unique square-style pizza.

Zavarella’s Pizza and the Veranda Zavs