Updated On 10/04/2018 at 06:01PM EST 

[…] If you lack dreams and hobbies (and who can blame you, honestly), universally fun weekend activities abound — including movie watchingpizza feasts, and romantic fall dates. Plus, who needs a hobby in a city wild enough to have its own Nightlife Mayor? Here is everything you must do in NYC this weekend.


Have a piece o’ heaven at pizza party

The Bronx
Saturday-Sunday, October 6-7
Teleport to sunny Napoli, the birthplace of modern pizza, at the New York Pizza Festival. Thirty-plus vendors will line Crescent Avenue in the Little Italy section of the Bronx. Participating restaurants will rep NYC, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, and, naturally, Naples. Check out Brandi — Italy’s famous centuries-old pie purveyor, where (questionable) legend says Margherita pizza was invented in honor of the Queen of Italy.
Cost: $25 for 3 slice ticket, $35 for 6 slice ticket, beer & wine ticket and VIP passes sold separately

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