Fiamme Pizzeria Napoletana

Naperville, IL

Preston Gaspar

Address: 19 N Washington St, Naperville, IL 60540

Phone: (630) 470-9441



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About: Fiamme is dedicated to using the same ingredients and techniques utilized in and around Naples.  Our artisanal dough is crafted in-house every day.  Using imported, double-milled Caputo flour, we patiently allow our dough to rise slowly, creating a fragrant flavor and chewy, light structure.

The dough is stretched on a marble slab and topped with the most authentic and honest ingredients.  These pizzas are then placed on the brick floor of an 800 degree oak-fired oven and rotated until they achieve a beautiful blistered crust and heavenly light char.

Fiamme also recently brought Detroit-Style Pizzas to the menu. Detroit-Style Pizza is baked in a deep rectangular pan that allows the outer edges of cheese to caramelize, forming a delicious golden brown perimeter around the pizza. Detroit-Style’s “Cheese Crown” has a sensational finish that is attributed to this pizza’s rising fame

Fiamme Pizzeria Napoletana