Zoli’s – FortWorth, TX

Jay Jerrier, Lee Hunzinger, Jeff Bekavac

Address: 3501 Hulen St., Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: 817-402-0050

URL: https://www.zolispizza.com/

Menu: https://www.zolispizza.com/menu

Nationwide Shipping: https://www.goldbelly.com/zolis-ny-pizza

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zolisnypizza/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zolisnypizza/

About: A collab between Cane Rosso founder/owner, Jay Jerrier, World Pizza Champion, Lee Hunzinger, and Chef Jeff Bekavac, Zoli’s is Dallas-Fort Worth’s greatest and most humble New York-style pizza & gen-u-ine Italian joint, bringing together years of pizza, culinary, and restaurant experience to form a tri-force of pizza power unlike the world has ever seen.


Well, first…Zoli is a dog. But Zoli’s NY Pizza started way back in the simpler times of the summer of 2013…back when pizzas came by the slice, jalapeño ranch flowed free, and Meatzilla was the most beloved OG in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood.

Started by Cane Rosso founder/owner, Jay Jerrier, Zoli’s was the perfect antidote to Cane Rosso’s precious wood-fired pizza and strict adherence to Neapolitan-style guidelines. Zoli’s ain’t got time for that. Crispy slices, zucchini fries, the most garlick-y garlic knots in existence, and #nosmallfood…this is Zoli’s.

After evil real estate developers drove Zoli’s out of Dallas’ Bishop Arts District, Zoli’s rose again…this time in Addison, TX. With this move, the Zoli’s crew took the opportunity to evolve Zoli’s from a fast-casual pizza-by-the-slice joint to a full-service, sit-down East Coast Italian-inspired restaurant. In late 2019, Zoli’s headed west to Fort Worth and opened a pizza and ice cream paradise, featuring a walk-up window from sister ice cream shop, Cow Tipping Creamery. Zoli’s features a culinary team led by longtime New York native, Lee Hunzinger (AKA @pizzalee33 on the internets) and Chef Jeff Bekavac (@bektx), whose culinary tenure includes 10 years managing the kitchens of meat-tastic restaurants like Town Hearth, Neighborhood Services, and Off-Site Kitchen. With their heavy hands at the helm, Zoli’s now features New York style round and square pies, salads, sandwiches, pastas, a killer burger, and your grandma’s favorite old-school fancy Italian dinners. With a full bar, plenty of desserts, and more comedy bits than you can even imagine, the new Zoli’s is mint, bro.

Zoli’s – FortWorth, TX