Frankie Slice

Peabody, MA

Frank Martino

Address: 58 Pulaski Street, Peabody, MA 01960

Phone: (978) 982-1800


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About: Frankie Slice isn’t your typical pizza chef, he’s traveled all over the world trying countless pies with the desire to one day own his own pizzeria. He’s worked with pizza pioneers in Naples, Italy to learn the authentic method of Neapolitan style pizza, traveled to New York City to see what makes their slices some of the best in the USA and even Boston’s own North End. Bottom line is, with every bite you take of a Frankie Slice pizza, you’ll taste the influence of his pizza pilgrimage.

Frankie’s dough is made in-house daily he uses the highest quality tomatoes, mozzarella & pecorino romano & parmesan cheeses imported from Italy. Each pizza is cooked in our 800 degree oven for the perfect authentic pizza.

One client stated” you need to go to Italy to get the same quality.

Frankie Slice