RC’s New York City Pizza – Valley Ranch, TX

RC Gallegos

Women in Pizza Certified

Address: 21572 Market Pl Dr #100, New Caney, TX 77357

Phone: 281-354-4949

URL: http://rcsnycpizza.com/

Menu: http://rcsnycpizza.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/2020-MENU-FOR-WEBSITE.pdf

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rcsnycpizza/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RCSNYCPizza

About: Growing up as a kid in Texas, or any state outside of New York, like you I was subjected to the corporate, pizza chain, carbon copy pizzas. Frozen dough, frozen toppings, cardboard crusts, these were a few of the unmentionable traits. But hey, if that’s all you know, how can you ever want or expect more or a better pizza? So as we all often do in our lives, I settled for it and learned to think it was “ok”! I still remember as a kid in High School, even then, Friday night was pizza night. So being somewhat of a cook or so I thought, I was tired of the unoriginal, tasteless, greasy pizzas. Naturally, I did what any pizza loving person would do; I started making my own pizzas.

In High School my buddy Greg and I would go to his house and make our specialty pizzas that were, “Oh so much better than any pizza chain pizza.” Way back then as a teenager, I was unknowingly fighting to “break the chain”. Today, that’s my mission. “Break the Chain”, of all the pizza chains and fast food chains that don’t give that personal attention to your needs, wants, or food. Most pizza chains have pre-made products, and you can tell in the taste and quality of the pizzas. Not here at RC’S PIZZA, our pizza dough and sub bread is made fresh here in the restaurant, as well as our Traditional Pizza Sauce, Sweet Sauce, Greek Dressing, RC’S Spicy Italian Dressing, Red Wine Vinegar Dressing and our Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.

Our mission is to give the personal attention to detail to every pie and other menu items we make. As well as offer an unsurpassed product quality and customer service that will help us grow to be a neighborhood icon while pleasing all our customers old and new beyond their highest expectations. Providing not only high quality foods at a reasonable price to our friends and neighbors, as well as to visitors to this area, we also bring some authentic New York pizza to the area. It is a known fact that New York and New Jersey have the “BEST” pies in the world. It is very different and easily distinguishable. You may not know exactly what or why, but once you try a pie at RC’S PIZZA, you’ll agree on it’s delicious, fresh and distinguishable taste!! So let us take you on a trip to the East Coast, and if you’re from there, let me take you back home to the old neighborhood. Once you bite into one of our HUGE 18” New York Giant pies, you will instantly be taken back to many fun loving memories of the old neighborhood mom & pop pizzerias, family and friends.

I started this first family-owned and operated pizzeria in hopes of offering the services of delivery & customer service. As well as a great quality product to the communities that we serve. Your comments, compliments and criticisms can only make us better, and so we encourage them. Thank you for being our guest. We value all guests and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

RC’s New York City Pizza – Valley Ranch, TX