Nonna’s Family Kitchen

Rick Herbst

Address: 3781 Presidential Parkway Suite FP-311, Atlanta, GA 30340

Phone: (470) 485-3243



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Anna Carmela Polin and 3 time emmy winning actor Rick Hearst are the Mother and Son team behind Nonna’s Family Kitchen brining their family’s traditional Italian dishes to Atlanta residents. After moving to the Atlanta area in 2016 Nonna’s had been feeding residents to rave reviews Drawing from the recipes learned from her own Nonna(Grandmother), Nonna Anna combines traditional Campagna regional dishes as well as some personal favorites. Family owned and operated, Nonna’s Family Kitchen offers frozen oven ready entrees, soups and pizzas to their customers. Quality is at the forefront of this family’s dishes with the majority of our ingredients being sourced from well known, family owned cheese makers Lioni Latticini. We look to serve the kind of food you would only get at your Sunday family dinner.  At Nonna’s the saying goes, “If we won’t have it our table, you won’t have it on yours.”

Nonna’s Family Kitchen