Pizzeria Da Marco

Bethesda, MD

Alessandro Ferro

Address:  8008 Woodmont Avenue

Phone: 301-654-6083

URL: https://www.pizzeriadamarco.net/home

Menu: https://www.pizzeriadamarco.net/All-Day-Menu

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pdmbethesda

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pizzeriadamarcobethesda/

About: Like many other great projects, Pizzeria da Marco starts at a table conversation.

In 2009 I was having dinner at my business partner’s house (he undercooked the steaks:)) and we were talking about one of the new restaurants he was opening in the DC area. While sipping some gorgeous Italian wines from the Antinori family we were talking about high-end restaurants (My family and I had just moved to the area from Las Vegas where I worked at the Venetian and Wynn Hotel), casual restaurants and restaurants in between. The conversation then went on to talk about Italian food, regions of Italy and of course pizza. We started talking about the different pizzas that Italy has to offer and after some more wine we both agreed that Neapolitan pizza was what we really enjoyed. It was not until about a month later that we decided to start working on this project which took a few months. Here we are years later trying to replicate every day what we did that day at my partner’s house: a table, good food, good company, good wines, laughter, stories and lots of pizza!

We, at Pizzeria da Marco, go to work every day and are thankful to our community for supporting us for many years and that we are able to give something in return: good products with a focus on authenticity, quality and the best service we can deliver that day!(Some days are great some others not as great, just like our pizza cooked in wood fire oven at 900 degrees without thermostats) You can be sure of one thing though, we care about our guests and our Da Marco Family! Ci vediamo in Pizzeria, Buon Appetito!

Pizzeria Da Marco