Song E Napule

Address: 146 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012

Phone: 212-533-1242

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Ciro Iovine is a dreamer, father of three children. A real self-made man, here where the desires, seasoned with so much effort, can become reality. Enteri hios “little den”, as he calls it, at 146 West Houst Street, we find ourselves catapulted into a piece of Italy. “Song’E Napule” is this: the product of so much dedication and, above all, the love of a wonderful family. Ciro has been a pizza chef since he was 13 years old, his craft took him around the world and finally to New York: first on vacation, immediately after work.

After about three years in New York, he meets his wife Austria, and his life takes off. In January 2015, thanks to her, and with the help of his brother Giovanni, the Song’E napule project started. Here where Greenwich and Soho meet, the unmistakable Neapolitan warm pervades the perfect atmosphere.

Song E Napule