Zeneli Pizzeria e Cucina Napoletana

New Haven, CT

Gazmir Zeneli

Phone: +1 203-745-4194 

URL: https://www.zenelipizzeria.com/

Menu: https://www.zenelipizzeria.com/menu/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zeneli_pizzeria/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ZeneliPizzeria

About: A long-time ago, in a coastal region of Albania, a happy family lived off the fruits of a generous land, rich in traditions.

Their story begins in the distant ’90s when four brothers, united by the same culinary passion and adventurous spirit, left their origins and traveled to distant lands. Their first destination could not have been more romantic or rich in culture for it was a city of a thousand colors: Naples.

Dividing the tasks to make their dreams come true, each brother become an expert in one specialty: Aleko is the people person with entrepreneurial skills; Jetmir tended the family lands and cattle to produce milk to make cheese with Jeshar, who was introduced to the secrets of crafting Mozzarella di Bufala by an old local cheesemaker; and Gazmir, the master pizzaiolo, learned how to turn dough into marvelous pies.

For over twenty years they reaped the fruits of their fantastic experience.  Their eternal love for the Neapolitan culture and for more adventure led them to make a courageous decision. If destiny is marked in the stars, perhaps it was written: “The time had finally come to make our skills known on American soil.”

Giving birth to the brand Zeneli, a typical pizzeria, and Cucina Napoletana, their true passion landed in Wooster Street in New Haven, where their trattoria menu, reasonable prices, excellent products, and appetizing recipes will entice you to come time and again.

Zeneli Pizzeria e Cucina Napoletana