Clyde’s Corner

Phoenix, Oregon

Rafael and Janai Gonzales

Women in Pizza Certified


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About: My wife Janai and I grew up in the Rogue Valley, in Southern Oregon. Janai began working in restaurants when she was 15 as a prep cook and I did when I was 19 as a Dishwasher. We fell in love with the fast-paced environment and more importantly, working with and enjoying delicious food and drink. Food is a focal point of our lives considering it’s been our main source of work for the past 15 years, an important part of our days off and our travels.

In 2008, while living in Bellingham Wa. we got our first dog Clyde. A German short hair pointer and our restaurant’s name sake. We both grew up with dogs and they are a corner stone in our lives.

It was while we were in Bellingham that we first began talking about opening a restaurant of our own one day and began brainstorming what it would be like if we ever did.

While living and working in Bend Oregon, we met Steve Metteer. Over some time, we hatched a plan over late-night beers to buildout a wood fired pizza trailer next to a location that would have indoor/outdoor seating and a bar. Though Steve had years of experience with pizza, wood fired was new to all of us.

With Steve joining to be our head chef, we moved back home to Southern Oregon, built out the food trailer and the seating/bar portion inside. We started with the trailer which gave us the opportunity to fire up the wood oven whenever we could in our backyard to test and taste pizzas, build our menu and continue make adjustments as we continued with the rest of the buildout.

Though we had constriction delays partially due to Covid, we were able to open up August 13th of 2020. It had been a roller coaster of a year already, then the Almeda Fire ripped through three weeks after we opened. Fortunately, we were able to save the main buildings and food trailer, however our local community and neighboring businesses around us were devastated.

This opening year has been tough, but we’ve had amazing support, we feel honored to be a part of our small community in Southern Oregon and a part of a great worldwide food community.

Clyde’s Corner