V Pizza – San Marco

Address: 1406 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: (904) 527-1511

URL: https://www.vpizza.com/

Menu: https://www.vpizza.com/eats

Online Ordering: https://www.toasttab.com/v-pizza-san-marco/v3

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/v_pizzeria/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VPizzaSanMarco


About: V Pizza is the idea, creation, and funding of three Jacksonville natives. The main goal was to bring true Neapolitan pizza to our home town. While we were excited to bring authentic, very high quality food to Jacksonville, we also had concerns that the general opinion of what pizza was would be different from what we were serving. Cheese from a buffalo? Pizzas that aren’t perfectly round? Burn marks on the crust? We were certainly taking a risk doing something different, but we felt confident that our community was ready for the taste of something that has been perfected by Italians for hundreds of years.

Our beginning People love Chinese food, but have you ever tasted it in China? Very different!  While we thought that it was an amazing idea to bring truly authentic, very high quality pizza to Jacksonville… we were also concerned that many people’s opinion of what pizza was would be very different from what we were serving.  Imported dry aged Italian meats, San Marzano tomatoes, and 00 flour?  Cheese from a buffalo?  Pizzas that aren’t perfectly round? Burn marks on the crust?  These are all characteristics of authentic Napoletana pizza.  We were certainly taking a risk doing something different but we felt confident that if any community was ready, it was San Marco near the heart of Jacksonville.  So with that said…the search for a building began…

Our buildings/locations We looked at many many properties. Some were parts of strip malls or newer properties that could be made to “look industrial or old.”  When we visited the building that is currently the first V,  it was an old paint store.  It was an older building and it was industrial…there was no need to try and manufacture the look. When we first choose that eclectic little building that stood alone and practically screamed industrial “little italy,”  V Pizza/SideCar was born! While the back looks like the front and the front looks like the back….our main goal was to have the focus on the ovens, ingredients, people, and nothing else.   The group decided that we liked and wanted to continue with locations that are as unique as our food.  We’ve used this same thought process for all our locations since.

After amazing community support, we moved onward, keeping our vision in tact with the Jacksonville Beach (V Pizza/Flask & Cannon) & Mandarin (V Pizza – Tap Garden) locations… and then in August 2016 we opened our very first Gainesville location (which also has a Sidecar). We have the best customers in the world so, we had to listen to our fans on facebook (you are all awesome) repeated demands for a Fleming Island location. Fleming Island location (V Pizza – Tap Garden) opened on January 22nd, 2018!  The newest and arguably the crown jewel is the 6th location and the 1st that we built from the ground up in Palm Valley (Ponte Vedra, FL).  We designed this one from scratch and personally did a TON of the work in this building; our blood, sweat, and tears are LITERALLY in this building.  You may notice some imperfections, none of us are construction professions, but we love every single one you can see!

As we continue to expand into Cary, NC…St. Simons Island, GA, and beyond, the story will also grow with us.  Each location has its own lovable qualities: from the building, to the people, to the cocktail bar, to the tap garden.  We are proud to say they all have their own endearing qualities!  Do you have a favorite location yet?  We want you to feel welcome!  We want you to love the ovens, ingredients, and people…as much as we do!  We believe that our quirky buildings lend itself to just that!

V Pizza – San Marco